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January 17th, 2017

It's always scary sleeping at a new house. The first thing I always do is check the bedroom to be sure it's safe.

"Dad! Help! There's a monster in my bedroom."

Dad ran up, "Wait here, son. I'll go take care of this." He walked in and I heard a long squeak. A little while after he came out holding a bag. "Got it, son."

I stared at the bag. "Is that the monster?"

"Yup, I'll go make it for dinner.

An hour later, Dad called me for dinner. It was delicious.


The next day, it was time to go to a new house. I was still a little scared, but Dad seems to have no trouble taking care of the monsters. I go and do my bedroom check and see a monster. I watch it carefully. I see it peeling it's skin off and putting new skin over it. It's disgusting! I run to my Dad. "Dad, there's a monster in this bedroom too!"

"No problem, I'll go take care of it son."

I follow behind and watch at the door. Dad walks right up to the monster. For some reason the monster looks scared and tries to run. I start hearing the same squeaking noise as I see tentacles unfold from Dad. I had no idea he had those! The tentacles grab the monster and break it in half. He stuffs both partz into a bag, tucks in his tentacles, and walks out.

"Got the monster, son. I'll go make dinner."

"Dad... what was that? I heard a strange squeak and saw tentacles come out of you."

I hear the squeak and the tentacles start appearing from Dad's chest, "You mean these?"

"Yeah! Gross! What is that?"

"Oh, you'll get them too when you get to your adult form. They're made for catching humans."