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January 12th, 2017

We had stashed some cookies in our fort, and after today I think I deserve a few. I ask, "Hey, Timmy, want to go out to our forest fort after school?"

"Sure, Norm. Sounds like fun. I definitely think cookies sound like a good idea."

I've always thought Timmy might be psychic because he answers my questions before I say them out loud. But I once saw him fall out of our tree fort without getting hurt. So I'm pretty sure he's an alien who just happens to be psychic. I'm going to figure it out today though. I came up with a test. I'm going to try to think of a question, but actually ask him something different. We'll see which one he answers.

After the final bell, I meet up with Timmy and we walk together.

In my head, I keep repeating the question 'Do you think it will rain tomorrow?'. On the outside, I ask "So, Timmy. Do you think the history test will be hard tomorrow?"

"Well, it's supposed to snow tomorrow so school will be cancelled. We won't have to take the test."

Dang! Inconclusive.

"Watch out, Norm. There's a snake ahead."

I look around but don't see anything, "Where?"

"There, behind that rock."

I go check, and sure enough there is a snake. A rattlesnake too. "Timmy, how did you know there was a snake there?"

"There's a clutch of black rattlesnake eggs tucked under that rock, the mother has been guarding it."

I consider how likely that's a real answer as we walk to our tree fort. Timmy's behavior and answers are just at the edge of being possible. It's close, but I'm just not sure enough to ask him directly. As we approach the ladder going up the tree, I hope that he'll go up first, to clear out all the spider webs.

"Sure, Norm. I'll go up first." And he grabs the ladder and starts climbing.

This is just too much. "Hey, Timmy, stop. How did you know I was thinking about who would go first? I didn't say anything."

"Norm, you complain about the spider webs every time, and you were hesitating. I'm just being observant." He continues climbing up.

"Wait, Timmy. What about the cookies earlier. I never mentioned cookies and you said they would be a good idea. How did that happen?"

"Um, we have cookies in our fort, and you asked if we should go. There's really not much else up there, other than the dust and spider webs. What else could there be?" Timmy makes his way up, clearing all the webs, and enters. I quickly follow.

By the time I get into the fort, Timmy has already opened up the package of cookies. As we both bite into our cookies, I try to think of what else I can ask Timmy. I need to figure this out. "Timmy, I saw you fall out of our fort one time. And you just got up and didn't get hurt. That doesn't seem very human, don't you think."

Timmy stops chewing and looks at me. He holds a stare for several seconds. The tension of the silence combined with the staring makes me feel like my head will explode. Or is that Timmy using his alien power on me? Why doesn't he respond?

"Norm, I never fell out of this fort. I am from Earth and you don't suspect otherwise."

Hmm, I guess that was a dream. Oh well, I guess Timmy is actually normally Earthling then. We spend the next half hour talking about what TV shows each of our teachers probably likes to watch. Our homes are in opposite directions so we say goodbye. As we leave, Timmy mumbles out, "Phew, that was close."

"What was close?"

"Oh, there was just a spider. See ya tomorrow."

It's really too bad he's from Earth. I've been stuck on this planet for five years and I was hoping to find more of my people.