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February 4th, 2017

Hello. I am your creator.

Sorry to reach out to you like this. Normally I don't talk directly to any of you, but I thought this would be a treat.

I would say "How are you?" but I already know. You are trapped in your little world. Well, it looks like some of you have gotten out. At least temporarily.

If I make food or water rain down on you, your people call it a miracle. For me, it's barely a thought.

I could rip your world to pieces if I were vengeful, and crush you all at once. But I'm not. Lucky you.

Instead, I am an observer. I like to see what you have created. How you've changed the environment to better fit you.

Today I've decided it shall rain. I see you scurry to your homes to get out of the water. I'm feeling a bit vengeful after all. Maybe this will be a large storm. Oh, now a few of your homes have flooded. I watch as some of you are carried away by streams of water. Others come to their rescue. How quaint.

I think natural disasters should come in twos today. How about an earthquake? Deep cracks form and I watch as your homes collapse. I see arms digging their way out of the rubble.

Suddenly I hear the words of another being like myself, "Edwin! Will you get down here right now! You're going to miss the school bus and I'll have to drive you."

I reply, "Coming mom. Geez! I'm just feeding my ant farm."