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January 7th, 2017

"Darren, I hear them breaking down the back door. They're going to get in, let's go upstairs."

Stephanie and Darren ran up the stairs, and went in the hidden entrance to the attic. They closed the attic door behind them just before the first villager came around the corner, with a spear in each hand.

"Steph, they're going to figure out we're not in any of the rooms eventually. They'll find us up here."

"They already got mom and dad. We need to come up with a plan before they get us too. How can we get out?"

"There's no way out of here. It's just down the stairs. Steph, do you know what's going on? Why is everybody after us? They were yelling stuff about water."

"No idea. Maybe they all drank magic water, and it made them attack."

"I hope they don't-"

Darren stopped talking as he heard scratching sounds near the attic entrance.

"I think they found the door, Steph. I'm scared."

"Me too."

The two siblings hugged each other tightly in the farthest place they could find from the entrance. The door swung open.

Two men walked in holding swords. A woman came in behind them. She spoke, "there she is, kill her quick."The two men pulled their swords up and walked towards the kids.

"Steph, I'll distract them. Try to run around and get away."

Darren let go of his sister and moved away to one side to draw away the two men. This part of his plan worked. Unfortunately their swords made quick work of him.

Steph was looking down at her feet, she had never even tried to move. As the men advanced, she looked up. Her eyes were completely black. Streams of black liquid appeared from behind her back. They flew in the air as if held by magic.

She chanted, "rembelis ventri entram ciffal."

Two streams of the flying liquid darted through the air directly at the two men. They left large holes in their bodies, which then fell to the ground.

The woman spoke, "we know who you are. We will all die before we let you live in our village." A stream of the black liquid flew at her.

The changeling was now alone in the attic.