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February 25th, 2017

Todd lay half awake, listening to the rhythmic beeping of the machine monitoring his heart beat. His wife had just left and wouldn't be back for several days. She had already seen him alive for the last time. In a few days, the many shades of beige on the walls and equipment combined with the measured servings of bland food would make any mortal person seriously question whether they had already died and moved on to some form of purgatory. Todd didn't feel this way.

As he lay there with eyes shut, he suddenly became aware of a presence near him. The pauses between beep from the heart monitor became palpably shorter. Had he the energy, he would have jumped up in bed and quickly looked around. Instead he opened his eyes slowly and muttered, "Is somebody here?"

*I AM* was the response that came in a deep rough voice, from his left.

Todd was propped up on his right side. With much difficulty, he slowly managed to maneuver his frail body to lie flat in bed. Just as he did, the door to his room flung open. A nurse came in and checked the probes attached to his body. She looked up at him then started walking out of the room. "Sorry, there was a sudden jump in your heart rate. I just wanted to make sure you were hooked up right."

As she closed the door, Todd looked around and saw the room was empty. He sighed and closed his eyes. Within ten seconds his body jumped. He opened his eyes just in time to see a black figure swinging a scythe. He tried to put his arms up to protect himself, but he was much too slow.

As always, Death was cloaked in a black robe. It started to turn its back to Todd, saying *DON'T WORRY. IT DOESN'T HURT.* Suddenly it froze and stayed with its back turned for a moment. Slowly Death turned around. Todd couldn't see into the shadow of its hood, but Death stared back at him. After some immeasurable amount of time, Death spoke *IT IS YOU: THE ABOMINATION.* It pulled the scythe over its head and swung again directly at Todd. Todd grabbed the scythe and held on.

Todd didn't break eye contact. Light pulsed through the scythe, pumping directly into Todd. His body seemed to inflate as muscles and life reanimated him. Todd let go sixteen seconds later. He looked at death with the fresh eyes of a young man once more, "Thank you my friend."

Death scowled and let out a haunting snarl as he disappeared, leaving a taste of metal in the air. Todd got up, put on the clothes from his old life, and walked out.