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July 30th, 2017

I came into this world in a dark alley sometime after midnight. Not that you could see the sun through the polluted skies even at noon though. I don't know what my father looks like. But from what I've heard, I bet he'd take a swing at me if he ever saw me.

My mother has done the best she can. We live on the streets so it's not much. But she's keeps me fed and warm, so I can't complain.

I've been learning the family business: busking. Some people call it begging, but we earn everything we get.

Everything changed today.

Mom and I were walking along a sidewalk going back home to our alley. It had been a long day but our bellies were full. A big white van pulled up besides us and two men came out. They grabbed both of us quickly and pulled us into the van. It was dark inside and I couldn't see anybody. I just felt the van pull back out into traffic. After what felt like hours of starting and stopping, the van opened to blinding light. The kidnappers quickly grabbed me and pulled me into a house. They locked me in a room. I looked all around but there was no escape, this had been well prepared.

My room has a toilet and my captors have kept me fed. But I want my mother and I to be free again!

I can hear them talking outside. I've heard the word "adoption" come up often. Are these child traffickers? What about my mom?

My fears are confirmed a few days later. My door opens are a middle aged couple is there with big smiles. They tell me that they just adopted me and will take me to a safe place. I want to ask about my mom but can't get a word out. Just silence.

A few hours later we pull into the driveway of a suburban home. They give me a quick tour but all I can see is a different prison. I bet I can get out of this one though. I'll wait until they're not looking.

Well, weeks have passed. Please don't judge me, but I didn't try escaping that first night. There was a soft bed and I was so tired. Then in the morning there was a delicious warm breakfast all prepared when I woke up. I didn't have to beg at all (fine, I guess it was begging). I've had the days to myself, just reveling in luxury. Please don't judge me. I miss my mom. I really do, but I wouldn't know how to even start looking for her outside. I've never driven a car. Maybe I can ask these new people for help, they seem nice. I look around the house and find them both in the kitchen preparing supper. I haven't said a word to them yet, but I will now. I look into the eyes of the woman and say, "Meow."

"Oh look honey! Twinkie can meow! I think she wants a treat."