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March 3rd, 2017

End it all
Like most people her age, Stacy Owens reaches for her phone every morning when she wakes up to check her Facebook page. Nothing was out of the ordinary this morning. Mark who has to be into office early had posted a picture of a Starbucks cup. Amy had posted about already dropping off her kids at the bus stop. Then she noticed the weird icon at the top. It looks like a stylized eye. Stacy knew the app forward and backwards, and this had never been there before. She clicked it.

We at Facebook have analyzed your post history and think we know what you'll post before you do it. So why not let us! Want to try it out and be a beta tester? Just click 'Yes' below. Click 'No' and you'll have to wait for the feature to roll out with everybody else.

"Well, I guess that could be interesting." She pushed 'Yes' with her finger and the window went away. "I wonder what I'll post about." She didn't have to wait long:

It's donut Saturday Who wants to come with me!

"Hmm, I forgot it was Saturday. But it's definitely right." Arriving at the Krispy Kreme two blocks away, Stacy was happy to observe her friend Megan was already there. And even better, Megan had already purchased a bear claw. "Hey, Meg!" She pointed at the donut. "Thanks for this!" Stacy held it up and took a picture with her friend in the background. She went into Facebook to post it but found that Facebook has already posted a picture just like it six minutes ago. She carefully studied the picture. Megan was wearing different clothes but it looked right.

She held her phone up to Megan. "Hey, do you remember taking this picture?"

Megan looked at it and shook her head. "Nope. And look, it has my nose ring that I got in last month and the tattoo that I got removed two years ago. That's definitely not real."

"Hmm, weird," she said slowly. "It's really good at figuring out what will happen."

The two caught up over the major events in their lives since they met last weekend. After a few minutes, Megan's face lit up. "Oh, you're coming to the movie tonight, right? You have to come. It's opening night and I have tickets."

"Sure. Sounds like a plan. Oh, I'll invite Katy too." Stacy pulled out her phone to send a message and instinctively opened up her Facebook page. She had posted again:

Going to an opening night tonight. Want to come with Katy?

"Wow, it even tagged Katy in there." She turned her phone towards Megan. "Look at that, it was posted four minutes ago. You hadn't even asked me yet."

Megan shook her head whlie leaning backs lowly. "That's some voodoo stuff you got going there."

After breakfast, Stacy walked over to get some high tops she had spotted a few days before. After walking out with bag in hand, she decided she should eat. Knowing that she would normally post what she was about to eat, she pulled out her phone. "Let's see where it says I'm going to eat." Sure enough she had her answer, posted 15 minutes before:

Wasn't sure where to eat but I know what I'm crazy pho.

"Okay, Pho it is!"

She hurried over to her favorite place and impatiently waited for her bowl. "I'd take a picture of the Pho normally..." She opened up the app and found a picture of a bowl of Pho. "Ha! Can't wait." A similar bowl appeared before her a few minutes later. She just ate it, as there was no reason to snap a picture.

She was trying on her new shoes back at home when her phone beeped. Katy had replied:

Can't come. Have dinner plans. Maybe next weekend.

Stacy was about to type up a response, but it was done automatically for her:

So sad! :( I'll try to make it without you.

Stacy thought the response a bit dramatic but left it up. A few hours of playing with wardrobe choices and getting ready, and Stacy was about to go out. She looked to see what had been posted but nothing was there since the last reply to Katy. "Wait, am I really feeling sad about this? I guess I did want her to go with me." Then her phone beeped. She had just made another automatic post. This one had a picture of her wearing her favorite choker, the one she was now wearing. But it looked like she was crying :

forget this, im going to end it all

Stacy took a step back and braced herself against a wall. "Wow, what happens? Maybe I shouldn't go. It's been super right about everything all day." Stacy thought about it from several angles. "I need to get some air." Stacy walked up the five flights of stairs to the rooftop of her apartment. She walked carefully to the edge and looked over the brick ledge. "Okay, I don't get it." Not afraid of heights, she climbed up the brick wall and stood precariously at the edge, looking straight down.

Suddenly Stacy felt something hit her face. A bird had pooped right over her face and left cheek. "Eeeew!" She climbed off the ledge and wiped the poop off with the sleeve of her shirt. "Oh, forget this. I'm just going to the movie." Suddenly it clicked. "Wait what was that movie called again?" She scrolled through a few screens of texts with Megan and found it: "End it all."