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June 9th, 2014

The only way you can smell anything, is if molecules from it actually enter your nose.

If you can smell poop, then these two molecules which gives feces its smell, must be in your nose :
 minimum amount needed to detect
skatole1.2 ppb
indole140 ppb

That means that there is some point in your life when you've sniffed in enough molecules of poop that would be the equivalent of a typical stool sample. For most people that happens when you are
years old.

Adjust the numbers below to calculate your own personalized defecation time! If you hold your breath, you might be able to make it your whole life!

Number of bowel movements per day Average of one per day
Time spent in bathroom minutes/bowel movement
Volume of air breathed in (tidal volume) mL
Number of breaths taken per minute
Typical feces mass (solid component) grams