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June 1st, 2013

Neeg Lus
When the Controller realized that carbon dioxide levels were increasingly rapidly, it began formulating causative theories. After 3.21 seconds of these computations, it decided it should send out a probe: Neeg Lus, a tiny nano-robot with it's own artificial intelligence. Beginning life in the Southern Sea, it swam aimlessly for decades, fulfilling it's primary purpose of collecting data. One day, it came across a water resistant watch worn by a tourist swimming off the coast of Chile. It immediately tried to communicate with the digital watch microcontroller. The repetitive responses indicated a defective unit, so it next tried to communicate with the mammal wearing the watch.

Essentially unlimited power.
Can communicate / control any current human technology.
Strength Source
"The lifeforms made of materials like me are subservient to the biological ones. Perhaps I should attempt to reverse this."