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May 18th, 2013

Obsessed with alchemy, Janie spent her nights working in her garage working on chemistry experiments. She often fell asleep while working, and was accustomed to waking up with her notes or reagents stuck to her. One such morning, she found that her hand had spent some hours soaking in a beaker filled with a fluid that she didn't remember making. Her fingertips glowed. After hours of experimentation, she found nothing she touched would turn to gold. Frustrated, she laid in the grass and stared at a line of ants. She touched one, and it immediately turned to gold! She touched another and another, but only the first had any change. She gave up in frustration. Over the next few weeks, she found that she had the ability to turn one single any into gold every day, no other animal, no more than one.
Can turn one ant into gold a day.
Strength Source
Chemistry experiment that she could not repeat.
"The biggest ants I can find are worth 13 cents. Assuming gold stays at around $1,300/troy oz, I could make $10,451.11 after 50 years at 5% interest (compounded monthly)."