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March 16th, 2013

While walking home one day, Joe brushed up against a bush and about a dozen green spiders jumped on him. He of course tried swatting them off right away, but they held on tight. When he changed his clothes, they would quickly cling to his hair or other exposed skin so as to stay aboard their host. Joe didn't like this but there was not much he could do. Everything changed a few days later during dinner when the spiders made a loud hissing noise, jumped on everybody else in the room, bit them, then jumped back to Joe. Everybody fell over and didn't get up for a whole day. After that, Joe was kept in a cage. Except we he sneaks out at night and is known as Arachnar.
Spiders instantly knock out anybody around him.
Strength Source
"I still squash spiders when I find them in my house."